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workshop DNA/RNA nanotechnology Lectures in Bordeaux on 26-28 september 2018) and of three hands-on experimental courses (in Montpellier and Paris, 15-20 october 2018).

we are organizing a theory/practice INSERM workshop on DNA/RNA nanotechnology with biological applications. The workshop is composed of a series of lectures with a neat group of international speakers (in Bordeaux on 26-28 september 2018) and of three hands-on experimental courses (in Montpellier and Paris, 15-20 october 2018).

DNA/RNA nanotechnology : biological and biomedical applications (INSERM theory/practice workshop)

GOAL : Learn to design nucleic acid structures and devices that are sufficiently sophisticated for asking biologically relevant questions and solve problems of medical interest. Focus on devices that are functional in living cells and in clinical samples.


LECTURES (26-28 september 2018 in Bordeaux, France) Space is limited to 60 participants.

Engineering nucleic acid structures
- Yonggang Ke (Georgia Tech, USA), Designing three-dimensional DNA architectures
- Kirill Afonin (UNC Charlotte, USA), RNA nanotechnology

Functional devices for cell biology
- Björn Högberg (Karolinska Institute, Sweden), DNA nanostructures with biological applications
- Mingxu You (UMass Amherst, USA), DNA/RNA devices inside cells

Detecting with nucleic acids
- Frédéric Ducongé (CEA- MIRCen, Fontenay-aux-Roses), Nucleic acid aptamers as building blocks for sensing systems
- Baoquan Ding (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), DNA-based drug delivery systems
- Guillaume Gines (ESPCI, France), Programming reaction networks with nucleic acids

Next generation DNA synthesis and Ethics
- Piet Herdewyn (KU Leuven, Belgium), Next generation xeno nucleic acid synthesis
- Bernadette Bensaude Vincent (Univ. Panthéon Sorbonne, France), Ethical aspects of nucleic acid nanotechnology

HANDS-ON COURSES (Week of 15-20 october 2018, Paris or Montpellier) The practical phase will be split into three themes and two locations. In Montpellier, it will provide an introduction to the computer design and electron microscopy characterization of 3D DNA nanostructures and to the conception and manipulation of DNA-based nanosensors (aptamers, molecular beacons) to detect small molecules or enzymatic targets. In Paris, it will make you acquainted with high-throughput, isothermal, digital PCR techniques. Selection : 5 trainees on 3D DNA and 5 trainees on DNA sensors for Montpellier and 5 trainees for Paris will be selected among the participants to the theoretical lectures.


Gaëtan Bellot (Inserm U1191, Montpellier), André Estevez-Torres (UMR 8237-Laboratoire Jean Perrin, Paris), Didier Gaparutto (CEA, Grenoble)