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18/06/27 Post-doctoral position in synaptic plasticity funded by ERC - Bordeaux

Post-doctoral position in synaptic plasticity funded by ERC

We are seeking to recruit post-doctoral fellows expert in slice or in vivo electrophysiology and imaging to study AMPA receptor trafficking and synaptic function with innovative electrophysiological, molecular and imaging approaches. These approaches will be combined with behavioral assessment of memory function to understand the link between synaptic plasticity and memory storage, consolidation and retrieval.

We have developed innovative tools to control with light the accumulation or disappearance of AMPAR from synapses during LTP and LTD. In this project, we will use these optogenetic tools to analyse the role of synaptic plasticity in information processing by the brain. Altogether, this project will shine new light on the molecular mechanism of synaptic plasticity and will be linked to behavioural studies of cognitive functions using the same tools. The position will be financed by an ERC grant from D. Choquet for up to five years.

For this position, we are seeking highly motivated individuals, with a proven track record of success, if possible immediately after their PhD, and in any case no more than four years after their PhD. The projects will be conducted in a stimulating and highly interdisciplinary and international environment in a newly established research building, a part of the Bordeaux neurocampus project (Bordeaux, France).

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