Metrology Suitcase

The metrology toolcase is the result of many reflections and work of our working group. It includes a set of measurement tools intended for the occasional or periodic diagnosis of the various critical components of a microscopy system (sources, objectives, camera, etc.)

The case includes around thirty measurement tools as well as the group pre-established protocols for the measurement points identified as essential (Power, Homogeneity, Resolution, Co-alignment, Repeatability XYZ, Detection system sensitivity, Environment (Temperature and CO2).

Whether it is to control a specific component or initiate the implementation of a metrological approach for all of its instruments, anyone who is part of RTmfm can borrow this case.

The loan is of course free (apart from the cost of transporting the suitcase to the next recipient).

Don't hesitate to book the suitcase or contact us if you want more information!

Case contents:

Autofluorescent Plastic Slides Chroma
FocalCheck™ Fluorescence Microscope Test Slide #1, for PSF, alignment, intensity, & calibration
TetraSpeck™ Fluorescent Microspheres Size Kit
Fluorescent Yellow Particle Slide Spherotech 10.0-14.0 µm
Mirror Slide
Mire de Profondeur de Champ 5-15
Mire EO de Télécentricité
Micromètre Double Axe à Echelle Linéaire
Ronchi Ruling Fluorescent 600 lp/mm, 1″ x 3″, FS w/ Fluorescent, Ronchi
Mires Réticules – Verre Opale – Mire Réticule – Réticule Croisé Verre Opale, 27 mm de Diamètre
Vérificateur de Couleurs X-Rite ColorChecker – Balance Blanc Macbeth® Checker
Lame Argolight HM (homogeneity of light field/homogénéité du champ
Lame PRESS (Prototype Reference Standard Slide Pro21)
Compact Power and Energy Meter Console, Digital 4″ LCD
Standard Photodiode Power Sensor, Si, 400 – 1100 nm, 50 mW
Slim Photodiode Power Sensor, Si, 400 – 1100 nm, 500 mW
Microscope Slide Power Sensor, 350 – 1100 nm, 150 mW
Microscope Slide Thermal Power Sensor, 300 nm – 10.6 µm, 2 W
Fiber Inspection Scope with FS200-FC and FS201-SMA Adapters
Refractometer 30GS
Ocean Optics USB 4000 Plug & Play Miniature Optic Spectrometer 320-1000 nm
Analyseur incubateur G100 Geotech (CO2, O2)
Analyseur USB de Faisceau Laser Coherent®, Format de Capteur 1/2″ 
Source de lumière pour spectromètres UV-Vis-NIR / au mercure argon / compacte
Sonde de température USB développé par le GT-3P
Sonde Température Thorlabs
Sonde d’humidité Thorlabs