The objective of the “SMLM (Single Molecule Localization Microscopy)” working group is to explore the methods of super-resolution microscopy by SMLM (STORM, PALM, PAINT etc.) from a practical and theoretical point of view in order to make available to the community relevant information based mainly on feedbacks.

In the workgroup there are engineers, researchers both from facilities or teams, biologists and physicists. This diversity gives curiosity on both the technologies and the methods applied to biological samples. The workgroup has put together a French SMLM map of the systems and expertise available. We also generated a protocol table allowing users to start SMLM experiments with different sample types. These tables are available for consultation on the RTMFM website.

Based on imaging facilities and researchers needs, the workgroup picks up some test to run during meetings/workshops. During these practical sessions, the group members share their knowledge and their « know how », to run the tests and reports the results to the community.

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