The network brings together all the people and microscopy platforms in France involved in the development of optical microscopy (researchers, engineers, etc.) who are subscribed to the mailing list, and registered with RTmfm, et inscrits au RTmfm.

It is "steered" by a committee made up of 9 members who meet regularly to make decisions concerning the various aspects of the network (structuring, communication, training, events, budget ...), in accordance with the objectives of the CNRS MITI network platform. The RTmfm is evaluated every 4 years by its monitoring committee made up of reviewers. The missions and functioning of the RTmfm are governed by a charter validated by the steering committee and the MITI network platform.

A detailed annual budget is drawn up at the end of each year, listing the results of the various actions of the past year, as well as the outlook for the coming year. An annual budget is allocated by MITI, abd co-financements are obtained depending on the actions carried out. Thus, for example, France Bio Imaging and GDR Imabio are partners of the RTMFM for the annual “Assises des platforms d'Imagerie” (annual gathering of microscopy platform employees).