Together with the development of super-resolution and correlative microscopy techniques, members of the RTMFM and RIME (RCCM) networks decided in 2015 to form a working group focused on sample preparation.

The emergence of more and more techniques based on the detection of single molecules and thus increasing needs on the platforms, lead to the creation in 2017 of a subgroup focused on dSTORM.

A partir de 2017, le groupe est piloté par Béatrice Durel soutenue par une équipe motivée : Lydia Danglot, Karine Monier et Sébastien Mailfert qui partagent les tâches administratives avec Béatrice.

In 2020, the group is renamed GT pointillism to include all techniques based on the detection of individual molecules (PAINT, PALM, STORM etc.).

In January 2021, the steering of the group is taken over by the duo Magali Mondin/Karine Monier. The group focuses on testing tools for labeling, observing and analyzing individual molecules in order to put this expertise at the service of the community.