A common French-German project was initiated in 2018 between the Quality Control group of RTmfm and German BioImaging. After multiple interactions during the ELMI conferences, we set up a collaborative project. Due to the COVID19 crisis, we did not manage to start this project, but the fruit was the international initiative of QUAREP-LiMi, on the same topic, in April 2020 . Different microscopy networks participate to that initiative (RTmfm, GerBI, BINA for North America, RMS for UK), public facilities and labs, and the private sector with the main microscope constructors. The aim is to find and promote common acceptable guidelines for Quality Control in microscopy (QUAREP_LiMi paper).

Today QUAREP-LiMi counts more than 460 members worldwide. 13 working groups were created and three out of them have as chair or co-chair a member of the French Quality Control working group of RTmfm. The established protocols of the French network(Article GT-3M)form a working basis for all QUAREP-LiMi working groups. The French Quality Control group works as a link between the French microscopy community and QUAREP-LiMi for disseminating all the novelties that happen in the world of Quality Control for the benefit of the whole community.

You can find all the implications of the members of the GT-3M and the RTmfm by going to QUAREP-LiMi.

Beginning of Franco-German exchanges (GerBi-RTmfm) around metrology and QUAREP-LiMi during MiFoBio 2018, Seignosse, France: (from left to right) Elisa May-Ferrando, Pierre Bon, Thomas Guilbert, Sandrine Lecart, Nadine Utz, Orestis Faklaris, Damien Schapman, Roland Nitschke & Aurélien Dauphin.